Photo by Andy Best


    Here at Treehuggr Music we consider trees as a tribe, that we call "The Tree" (without an "s" at the end). We are aware of their social entity and we belive, that they have vivid, spiritual souls. They eat, they drink, they breath, they sweat and they talk. And because of our respect of their immense importance for our beautiful planet Earth, who we call "Mama Gaia", we contribute to The Tree to protect them.

    The Tree are the longest living organisms on the planet and one of the earth's greatest natural resources. They are clever self-supporters and perfectly represent the circle of life. The Tree literally give life. Even to themselves.

    They exhale our essential oxygen and inhale (bind) CO2 at daytime; at night they do it the other way round only a little less intense. They indirectly produce their own food (fertilizer) by dumping their leaves to the floor, where these leaves become food for earthworms, bugs and other insects, which then produce the humus, The Tree need to live and grow.

    The Tree wear crowns, they use to breath and sweat. Their sweating produces a vacuum within The Tree's internal "supply lines", which sucks up the nutrients from the soil through their roots and transports the nutrients way up to the tips of every branch. Their sweat diffuses in the air, making it more moist. The Tree literally seed clouds, which will then water themselves. Self-supply in perfection.

    The Tree are masters of both self-defense and communication. Scientists have found that when attacked by insects, The Tree can flood their leaves with chemicals called phenolics. These noxious compounds are distasteful to tree pests and can even impede their growth. What’s amazing is that once a tree is attacked, it will “signal” to other nearby trees to also start their self-defense, before they are attacked! Methods of communication include releasing chemicals into the wind and possibly even sending chemical or electric signals through the michorizal network of roots (a network of shared fungus fibers).

    The Tree are social beings who live in many symbiosises. And they provide room for other social life. Mushrooms and fungus, bacteria, insects, plants and animals. Only the modern man does not take part in the social life with these wonderful beings and souls, who are indispensable for all life on this planet - also for man's life.

    We at Treehuggr Music strongly recommend to become aware of these facts and realize the danger, our friends are in. And we kindly ask you to help us to plant new trees by buying our music. If you want to know about who will plant new trees from our sales, please visit Oro Verde. Arborum gratia - for the sake of The Tree.