Why do you do that?

    Many people cannot believe that we have no financial benefits in mind. And we keep asking why there is so much distrust. Maybe we can create some confidence here:

    We make our money in regular jobs and we live moderate lives. And we don’t think money should be in focus when it comes to music.
    We simply love nature and our founder, Florian Casper, has a special relation to trees. It’s a spiritual thing somehow. Read more here.
    We’re not uber ecological, but we think it feels good to protect what we love at least a little bit.
    We have been told to do what we love to be happier. So, here we are. Pretty happy 🙂

    How can I trust you?

    Well, first of all you should simply decide to trust us. But we know charity often creates doubt. Too many shallow organisations have damaged the overall image of charity in general. We want to create as much confidence and transparency as possible – for you and our artists.

    Our original plan was to not touch any money at all. We did not want to start a business. We wanted to gather donations, that should have been transfered directly from you to a non-profit organisation. Our plan was to give you a quasi „track for free“ as a thank-you. But unfortunately we are in Germany, where you can’t just collect donations and give something back. The financial office declares this as business and they want their cut. And non-profit organisations are not allowed to do such business in Germany.

    But we didn’t want to give up. So we had to start a small business and now we have to handle the money, taxes, donations and bureaucracy ourselves. This should have been handled by a credible, certified non-profit organisation, who could have given you your trust…

    What can and will we do to obtain your trust?

    We will make our sales statistics public. And we will do the same with our donation receipts. We’re not clear yet, if it’s technically possible to give everyone direct access to our statistics backend. But if, we’ll do it. And we’re sure to make some sort of cooperation treaty with Oro Verde.

    How is the selling price calculated?

    Easy. We need 1€ to plant one tree in Guatemala.

    We sell our tracks for 1,79€. Paypal wants 0,35€ +1,9% from the selling price, which is 0,38€ in our case.
    We keep 1,41€ and will have to pay taxes on that. That’s approximately 20%, wich is another 0,36€.
    We keep 1,05€.

    Taxes are approximated and we keep a small „safety buffer“. But we will also donate what’s really left after taxes.

    Will there be other payment methods than Paypal in the future?

    Yes. We will provide credit card payments, maybe instant bank transfer and other payment methods if necessary. Please contact our support if you don’t have a Paypal account and want to buy our tracks anyway. We will find a way.

    Why WAV and no MP3?

    Simple: quality.

    We spend money on analog mastering to ensure the best listening experience for you. MP3 is a lossy audio format, WAV is not. If you desperately need an MP3, you will surely find a way to convert our WAV files. In case of: google „free mp3 converter“ 😉

    Do your artists get paid?

    No. Our artists contribute to our mission by giving us their music for free. Nowadays you don’t make much money by selling music anyway. Our artist release their music on Treehuggr Music to do something for a good cause, not to get rich.

    We bear all the costs and effords to run this label, the website and online store up to mastering and everything else.

    How do I submit demos?

    So, you’re producing (tech) house music and want to get your tracks out to the public? This is your chance. Maybe. If you want to make money with your tracks, Treehuggr Music is not the right place for you. Why?

    Actually it has become very hard to make money with selling digital music these days. Everywhere. Because of piracy. Even the „big players“ don’t make a lot of money out of their productions today. But they are creative souls who need to express themselves through their music and get their productions out. So, why is Treehuggr Music your label anyway? What’s your benefit? It’s the fame of being a good human being and a good producer. And you will get your desired attention. And plant trees with your music!

    „What’s the „deal“?“

    You won’t get paid. We won’t get paid. Together we’re planting trees instead. Every sold track will plant one tree in Guatemala. We will donate all revenues monthly (after tax and other fees like PayPal a.s.o.) to Oro Verde, who will then plant trees in Guatemala. Sell a track – plant a tree! That’s the simple concept.

    „Exclusively in our own „store“? No Beatport? No iTunes, no known stores at all?“

    No. We want to avoid any cuts. We want to give as much money to Oro Verde. as possible.

    „But how do get the word out without the big digital music stores, charts and so on?“

    We’re highly convinced, that our unique concept will attract the media’s attention. Public relation is our first tool to get the word out. We will do all the public relation and online marketing work necessary. The second tool is „big names“. We can’t say a lot right now, but we’re sure to win some highly appreciated artists over for our mission.

    „Okay, I’m in. Tell me what to do!“

    1. Our genre: roughly tech house. From techy house to housey techno. No warm up tracks please. We want dance music.

    2. Send us links to your tracks. No files. Where to? 320kb MP3 is best.

    3. Be patient and nice please. Everyone sending in tracks, will get a nice answer. Keep words short please. We love to keep it simple.