• Florian Casper
      Born in 1974 in Germany. First dance at a "disco" at the age of 6. First contact with electronic music: Jean Michel Jarre in 1980. Skilled Art director. Helpless web programmer. Experienced producer, remixer and digital DJ. Rookie photographer. Chatty speaker and writer. Eloquent rethorican. Kitchen psychologist. Annoying moralizer. Proud father. Loyal friend. Passionate lover. Hobby cook and food lover. Dreamer, maker. Busy autodidact. Insane treehugger and faulty human.
    • Tim Laufenburg
      Born in 1976 in Germany. Music maniac. 24/7/365 dancer. Spontaneous wordsmith and groaner. Love soldier. Food lover. Loyal friend. Brother and from another mother.

      Responsible for inspiration, cheer-ups, research, promotion, social media madness.
    • Oakfield Mastering
      Mastering Engineer
      By name: Arne Ziemann from Regensburg/Germany. Generous and skilled mastering engineer at Oakfield Mastering, where he refines our artist's work with his high end analog gear. Building his own eqs. Listening on Bowers & Wilkins Nautilus 800D Speakers.
    • Kai Schulz
      Our very first Treehuggr!

      Well known and often booked deep and tech house DJ from the Rheinland area in and around Neuss/Germany. Coming from R'n'B - like so many other great electronic DJs. Quiet thinker. Jolly joker. Fair and thankful friend. Talented newcomer producer.
    • Nadja Lind
      A DJing career that kicked off on New Years Eve 2003 and has spawned a typically globe- trotting calendar (b2b with Terry Francis at Fabric London, b2b with Silicone Soul, Tresor Berlin…), a production career that has seen several works as either a solo artist or with Klartraum production buddy Helmut Ebritsch, and the dizzying heights of being co-owner of the Lucidflow imprint, a record label which has seriously started to rack up quality releases and remixes, seeing the likes of John Digweed and Hernan Cattaneo pluck from the catalogue, a seal of quality like no other.
    • Klartraum
      Berlin based duo Nadja Lind and Helmut Ebritsch have been crafting audio under the Klartraum banner since 2006 and co-run the much admired Lucidflow label, notching up admirers such as progressive icon Hernan Catteneo, French techno legend Laurent Garnier, figurehead of deep Seth Troxler, legendary techno outfit Slam and one of the musical directors of Fabric in the shape of Terry Francis. A ying and yang of personalities melts together to create the iconic Klatraum sound, dancing with Nadja’s ceaseless energy and caressing with Helmut’s measured style.
    • Igor Lopez
      For Igor from Chiclayo/Peru it's not always been house and techno, that brought him maximum joy. When he was younger, surfing at northern Peru's beaches played an important role in his life. But exactly this feeling of freedom and adventure leaded him into the scene of electronic music one day - in Germany. He bought some 1200s and a mixer, learned the craft and made his way as a DJ, party promoter and producer. Listen closely - you can hear the refreshing breeze of Peru's coasts and the light feeling of freedom in his music.
    • Mad Trakker
      Dirk Müller from Dinslaken/Germany began making music at the age of 14, when he got an electric guitar as a birthday present. Being an autodidact it was easy for him teaching himself playing chords and melodies and it was only a question of time until he founded his first band with some friends. Influenced by The Prodigy, Depeche Mode, Aha and Erasure he bought his first synth workstation, which ended up in projects like "The Trauma" and "Audiowarp". In 2007 he co-founded the digital label Encoded Records.
    • Danilo Dumonte
      After years of abandonment in the clubs, thanks to Danilo Dumonte out his stinging ear for beats and sounds determined that the celebration of music is not enough and it no longer satisfies his thirst for musical satisfaction. The joy and the adrenaline that pumps the electronic rhythms beat for beat in his blood, he could not keep for himself. Thus it was that he obtained the degree of "know-how" one place behind the DJ booth. And in the studio.
    • Luca Secco
      There is one remarkable thing about Luca Secco which makes him differ from other DJ-projects in the scene. The German Luca, whose civil name is Philipp Müller, finally got infected by the spirit of house music in 2013 and decided to build his own project beside their electro house project known as „Interzoo“. His sound splits into deeper vibes, which are often accompanied by his mate Danilo Dumonte, and pumping Tech-House.
    • Dyzko
      Bernardo Gonzalez aka Dyzko from Mexico, with over 10 years of experience, is one of the pioneers of electronic movement in Sonora. Since his childhood he was exposed to music, his parents had a large disco music on vinyl collection, and among all these there was one special vinyl album that got his attention, it was an LP of Giorgio Moroder. This producer and DJ has shared the stage with great and important DJs such as Hatiras, Who da Funk, Tony Masters, Mijangos, LBM, Deadmau5, Luis Flores, among others. Brings resume of great gigs in both Mexico and USA.
    • N.A.R.F.
      N.A.R.F. is into electronic music, preferably techno, tech house and progressive tunes since '94. Born and raised in Düsseldorf – one of Germany’s techno meccas – he was musically influenced by the local clubs (especially the legendary Tribehouse and the tremendous 102). You probably will notice this two-decade experience while listening to his sets. N.A.R.F. loves any kind of infectious, wicked electronic music going straight forward and making people raise their hands towards the club sky.
    • Andreas Beutling
      Andreas Beutling stands for down-to-earth house music in all facets, from its roots until today. He plays vinyl only and can take hold of about 10.000 pieces of black gold, so he always has the right groove for the right moment. This producer's beginning leads back to the foundation of the worldwide reknown radio statio for electronic musc "Sunshine Live". Inspired by the station's style he began recording and mixing his first tracks with a mic and a cassette recorder. That was about 10 years ago and today he's planting new trees for the rainforests with his great music.


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