Treehuggr Music is the first non-profit label for electronic music. Every sold track from this store will plant a tree in the rainforest. All sales from other stores are added and will also help to plant new trees.

     Our beliefs

    When it comes to music, we at Treehuggr Music believe, that it is more than just entertainment. We believe, that music can move you in unexpected ways. Music maybe is the fastest communicating form of all arts. Every single tone is a wave, that stimulates your neurons and causes simple, but deep emotions. Take a chord of three of these waves and you can generate endless, complex variaties of emotions.

     Our mission

    With our music we want to create positive vibes and vibrations in you, that make you feel better. And do better. Music has always been the soundtrack for movements – not only for physical, but also for mental and emotional movements. We want to move your feet, sure. But we also want to move your heart and motivate you to do a little good. Plant a tree by buying our music.

     Our story

    Now, this may be entertaining for you.
    Our founder, Florian Casper, has always had his principles and morals and the wish to do something good with his being and actions. He left his advertising career behind and found new tasks in an association, that is serving the public good. But this wasn’t enough for him.

    He curiously visited a coaching about „personal mission“. The result: „Do something good, with music, with the element air and you’ll be a happier person.“
    His first thought was „World Aid“. Organising open air parties for a good cause. But it should not have been it…

    Florian has a somehow spiritual connection to trees. Their proven, positive psychological influence helped him to overcome pain and problems in the past. When he needs some „answers“, he often takes a walk in the wood, where he can calm down, listen to his inner self and find peace again. One day he noticed the wind in the treetops. And there it was – the element air…

    Another day he was searching the web for pictures of trees and found some with tree houses in it. And he read: tree house. „That could be a funny new music genre“, he thought. And there it was: his personal connection between trees/air and music…

    It took some time until his concept became clear, but in the end he knew, he wanted to use house music to do something good for the trees, which not only produce oxygen and bind CO2, but which also helped him many times. And here we are.

    Treehuggr Music sells music for the sake of trees. Arborum gratia!